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Express shipments to 1.5 tons

Whatever your production problems or your customer’s need for an immediate delivery, we can provide transport in a range of vehicles from a taxi to small 1.5 tonne truck to achieve a delivery in the shortest possible transit time. The price will be dependent on the specific requirements, but in any event, our rate and proposed solution will be sent within one hour of your request. Cars and vans can be obtained at very short notice throughout the EU.

Express shipments from 1.5 to 24 tons

For express transport for the larger shipments, and for that last minute production, Ewals Cargo Care can provide the fastest possible road solution and transit time, with 24 hours notice. The current position of the vehicle will be regularly advised and the estimated arrival time at the destination monitored and updated.

Combination of road and air transport

Ewals Cargo Care can provide airfreight on scheduled and charter flights, with delivery to the nearest airport closest to the required destination, and collection and delivery to airports by the most appropriate vehicle. Delivery of the aircraft 3-4 hours after ordering.

Air transport overseas

We transport air cargo from 10 kgs and more to whole world in economy mode or Express. In 90% of countries we do deliver DOOR to door (DAP) including customs clearance.

Ewals Cargo Care can provide express services for all your urgent transport throughout Europe.

With our unique network we can deliver your urgent shipment at the right place at the right time. Anywhere, anytime - quickly and reliably.

Our extensive network of partners and our own branches throughout the world enable us to react any last minute situation, and to meet any requirement.

Ewals Cargo Care can deliver your shipment to anywhere in Europe within 24 hours

With advanced notice of an express shipment, we can provide competitive pricing by combining express shipments together on one vehicle

  • Within one hour after receiving any request, we can provide quotations
  • Export and Import
  • From the small package to full load

Map of potential delivery points and expected transit times

  • Answer to every logistics challenge
  • Creative solutions
  • Extensive Europian network

Your logistics partner

Ewals Cargo Care, as a logistics partner, has been working on a flexible, efficient and long-term transport solutions since 1906.

Ewals Cargo Care is your partner for any logistics solution: road, rail, sea or air and complete supply chain management.

Fast solutions

Quick decisions

Ewals employees are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to immediately offer the most appropriate logistics solutions. If you need a quick decision, don´t hesitate to contact us immediately and we will provide an immediate quote for all destinations across Europe.

The designated contact person will then monitor your shipment throughout its journey so you always have the latest information on its location, all thanks to our 24-hour surveillance system.


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